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Walking on Water: Christo’s Next Installation

It’s hard to believe that ten years have passed since Christo’s installation “The Gates” in Central Park. Many visitors reported remarkable sensations, conversations and emotions while walking through the gate constructs, with their saffron-colored fabric fluttering in the winter breezes. Next year, Christo will offer another sensational installation experience called walking on water in Italy.  … Continue reading

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The Remarkable Big Picture Impact Behind 5-Hour Energy

Manoj Bhargava is a remarkable man.  He founded a crazy-scary product which millions of people use, retains lawyers who vigilantly protect his 90+% market share and targets his profits to pursue big ideas to benefit humanity.  Fortunately, he’s got decades to go–and presumably he uses his own product? He has abundant energy, requires less sleep … Continue reading

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Honoring the King of Nordic Noir

Today, a giant of the Nordic Noir genre died of cancer at 67.  Besides being a brilliant writer of my favorite detective stories, the Wallander series, he was also a reflective, philosophical person. I was surprised to hear in the obit on NPR that he also had participated in one of the ships that attempted … Continue reading

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A silversmith’s prized gun craft…RIP

Earlier this year, I visited a jeweler in Lansing, MI and asked to see a gun which I spied on a shelf.  It turns out his father was a silversmith who took great pride in crafting this weapon.  Scanning through old photos today, I rediscovered the timely photo.  Note the RIP — the craftsman’s wry … Continue reading

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South Carolina Antique Shops Offer Beautiful…..

There’s much to be enjoyed exploring antique shops in South Carolina and the prices are favorable compared to the Washington, DC area–worth a truckload.  One also can always learn a lot about cultural norms of years ago…Here’s a collage of items which captured my attention…and would be less likely to be found up north. Continue reading

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The London You Wouldn’t Recognize–Fab Photos & Narrative

photo courtesy: wired.London.UK This montage story was a link just waiting to be shared!  Thank you BBC.  Enjoy a well-done narrative recap of London across historical periods, describing how the burgeoning population, trends of commerce and business regulation, entertainment and architecture are driving the thriving growth and design of one of the world’s greatest cities. Continue reading