Julian Assange on Google’s Geopolitical Reach

Pipes carry water in and out of Google’s Oregon data center. Julian Assange, famous innovator of Wikileaks, gave a rare interview on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s program Q which aired on the WAMU public radio station in Washington, DC tonight.  Facing certain imprisonment in the U.S., Assange sought asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London and has lived … Continue reading

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Art Underfoot, The Wonders of Indian Sewer Covers…Yes, I’ve Noted But Someone Actually Wrote the Definitive Book!–Thanks Google.

photo credit: honestfilms.net I’ve always been intrigued by the fact that the most artistic sewer covers are invariably “Made in India.”  I do tend to look out for these art forms in unlikely places.  Why, I wondered,  would we import these 500-pound cast-iron covers all the way from India?  Well, I suppose this is another manifestation photo credit: Curated Eclectica in Staunton, Virginia … Continue reading

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Stream of Consciousness to Ebola

Ever have one of those moments when a sensory perception takes you to a place where you haven’t been for a long time, or maybe even just once? I just poured a drink for myself…a concoction of lemon juice, ice tea and sparkling water.  Not unusual, but today, out of the blue, seeing the foam … Continue reading

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The Middle East Art Scene Featured in New York City

Good of The New Yorker to have featured the work of artist Wafa Hourani, documenting a certain type of particularly insidious urban decay.  Kudos to Massimiliano Gioni, the New Museum’s new artistic director who put on the current exhibit called “Here and Elsewhere” featuring artists from the Middle East, North Africa and their diasporas…. The exhibit runs through … Continue reading


Maggots–vs. Antibiotics: Cheaper Without Dangerous Resistance Build-up!

Couldn’t resist sharing this news which I heard on the BBC this morning. As disgusting as it may seem, we all know that maggots feast on dead tissue and spurn the healthy so why not try the obvious to heal wounds, ulcers, etc.  Doctors in Kenya are successfully breeding flies–whose eggs hatch into “maggots”– and using them in the … Continue reading