Discover Magazine Delight:  “Yes!  Connecting Makes You Feel Better”
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Discover Magazine Delight: “Yes! Connecting Makes You Feel Better”

Within reason…please DO talk to strangers! My friends always tell me I’m such a connector.  Well, I basically enjoy people and am always ready to be fascinated by the kaleidoscope of humanity walking around.  Just imagine how many amazing stories are passing around us all day long? Well, so I was delighted to see this article … Continue reading

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A Tale of Lobbying: vicissitudes of power and the emperor’s clothes.

The evolving lobbying landscape and U.S. foreign policy; is there a question about the power of AIPAC?    As President George Washington first warned, beware of “entangling alliances.” …and let the firestorm begin:  One retort is here…. …and another interesting perspective from The New Republic. Open windows are ideal.   Continue reading

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The Power of Mother Nature—As a Weapon of War?

We’re aware of dramatic decisions made by the government of China with regard to developing power resources, alternating courses of damming and flooding of thousands of villages in the Yangtze River Valley, at tremendous cost to livelihood and of course archaeological treasures.  However, this project was staged, strategically planned and populations were relocated.  This was a case of national development … Continue reading