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Treasure’s Tips for Powerful Speaking Got a few minutes? What’s your mood? There’s always a gem to find among TED talks. You can discover a topic that’s practical, inspiring, educational or just plain fun. Can’t resist passing on today’s highlighted talk which offers tips for more powerful communication. From the practical physicality of what’s required to cultivate a convincing … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Vision for World Access to Information

Facebook’s Vision for World Access to Information I don’t know when this project was launched but just discovered it on another blog today.  It’s Mark Zuckerberg’s bold vision for facilitating access to information worldwide.  In the 1990’s I worked with a prescient inventor who sought to make radios available throughout the third world to enable … Continue reading

Curiosities / Science

A Young Woman Falls in Love with Physics Thanks to my sister for posting this short video on Facebook. Grappling with the concepts of universality and randomness has occupied minds for centuries. This young scientist is fascinated by those characteristics of Physics that are so exact and understandable and yet others so inexplicable–as of yet. The Golden Ratio which she shows only … Continue reading