This is Not a Model. It is Real from Svalbard, Norway.
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This is Not a Model. It is Real from Svalbard, Norway.

This footage,  (seen at minute 3.2) from a location near the North Pole has been seen by only 45,000 people on YouTube. It’s already 4 years old. It’s as dramatic as one might find, showing rivers of water pouring out of ice shelves in Svalbard, the northernmost inhabited place in the world. Svalbard is an … Continue reading

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Sustainable Refreshment

Given the feeling of helpless hopelessness as we watch what’s unraveling in Washington these days–with special dismay for what’s coming at the EPA– it is uplifting to read about innovative projects which mitigate pollution while also looking gorgeous. So, first we had green roofs and still they’re a long way from being “common”.  In Portland, … Continue reading

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Glacial Event 3 Years Ago Equivalent to the Entire Island of Manhattan Disappearing–Except Three Times as High—Warming Continues

Captured glacial calving disaster…..and explanation of perspective.  Thanks, hmmmm. to upworthiest broadcast of the day…. Here’s the striking metric:It took 100 years for this glacier to retreat 8 miles.  It took ten years 2000-2010 to retreat 9 miles. Three years hence, the retreat continues to accelerate. Continue reading