Collar of Dissent? She Doth Protest Too Late and Sans Remorse
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Collar of Dissent? She Doth Protest Too Late and Sans Remorse

Subject of a book, a popular movie, praised for her admirable fitness regimen and now dissenting yet again on a 5-4 vote pushing back workers’ rights, yes, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg–affectionately monikered RBG, doth dissent.  Despite my respect for her brilliant legal mind and years of service, I now give her no credit … Continue reading

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Amidst Chaos: A Call to Civil Conscience

A friend sent me Annie Proulx’s speech upon accepting the National Book Foundation’s Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. Once mercifully beyond Anne Hathaway’s vacuous attempt at an introduction, Proulx’s speech starts after the 47 minute mark. If only her words could be genuinely cathartic and we could wake up to realize that we’ve been … Continue reading

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Book Review: One Nation Under Gods, A New American History by Peter Manseau

I published this book review for a weekly newspaper out of London and Dubai.  This book features thoroughly documented history, but it’s a page turner.  For anyone receptive to breaking the mold on what most of us have been taught about Columbus and his voyage, this book makes for fascinating reading.  Definitely on my all-time favorites list, and for a … Continue reading