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An Evening of Yemeni Silver

Silver Treasures in the Land of Sheba Hearing the Queen of Sheba, one conjures the notion of a majestic South Arabian woman of the Sabaean people, who traveled by camel caravan to Jerusalem bearing spices, frankincense and myrrh, jewels and gold, on a mission to test King Solomon’s wisdom.  Her people lived in an area … Continue reading

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Even The Emirates’ Desert Can’t Escape Google’s Camera

Now you can be an armchair desert tourist, thanks to Google’s having mounted a camera on a camel to document some areas of what has always been known as the Liwa, an Oasis, in one of the desert areas in the United Arab Emirates. Liwa is located in the northern edge of the magnificent Rub al Khali … Continue reading

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A Niche Conference on “The Single Most Studied Artifact in Human History”

A friend in the electronic voting business really took me by surprise today announcing that she planned to attend this conference about the Shroud of Turin! There’s a global community of scientists, archaeologists, and people across faiths who’ve been captivated by the widely presumed association between this shroud and the crucified Jesus.  I copied directly … Continue reading