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As If We Weren’t Already Vigilant About Physicians’ Advice…Scary

This Op Ed from the NYT shines some light on direct industry incentives which will test doctors’ ethics when they prefer to prescribe drugs other than recommended and/or refer to doctors outside their “system.”  Oh, to be born in Norway where relatives will be picked up from anywhere in the world if they’re sick, where they’re cared … Continue reading

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Art Underfoot, The Wonders of Indian Sewer Covers…Yes, I’ve Noted But Someone Actually Wrote the Definitive Book!–Thanks Google.

photo credit: I’ve always been intrigued by the fact that the most artistic sewer covers are invariably “Made in India.”  I do tend to look out for these art forms in unlikely places.  Why, I wondered,  would we import these 500-pound cast-iron covers all the way from India?  Well, I suppose this is another manifestation photo credit: Curated Eclectica in Staunton, Virginia … Continue reading

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Will 2014 Be a Lost Year for the Washington Economy?–Capital Business Reports

Will 2014 Be A Lost Year for the Washington Economy?   For anyone who gives credence to the latest unemployment statistics indicating a modest rate of 6%, or that the Washington, DC-metro market is robust and humming, think again.  There’s some serious growth not going on in the nation’s capital.   Continue reading

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The Other Scrap Metal Story: Chinese Container Ships Absorb America’s Crumbling Infrastructure

Scrapper Episode on HBO’s VICE We’re familiar with the comfy concept of recycling where we take our different containers to the curb and they’re neatly picked up and some of us have even seen where the parts end up and yes—some of us even know about the revolving cardboard which comes into our homes from Amazon or … Continue reading

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Hear Hear for Encouraging Real Dialogue in America Thanks to Politico for this sobering “Call to Conflict” but alas, I fear this entreaty will reach only deaf ears.  The political conscience is muffled by big money.  Accountability will not happen because this country is so polarized now and our politics is so full of empty rhetoric that few will stand up to advocate for … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Vision for World Access to Information

Facebook’s Vision for World Access to Information I don’t know when this project was launched but just discovered it on another blog today.  It’s Mark Zuckerberg’s bold vision for facilitating access to information worldwide.  In the 1990’s I worked with a prescient inventor who sought to make radios available throughout the third world to enable … Continue reading

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Campaign Finance Unleashed: Welcome to the Oligarchy of the United States

Campaign Finance in Brief, Washington Post Campaign finance reform is just about extinct. It would take what? an act of Congress? to reverse the new status quo. There was animated talk about reversing Citizens United. Now the principle of open funding of politics is being enshrined as the American way. Humorist Andy Borowitz posted on … Continue reading