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Google Panic Attack

There will be a lot written about this….I wondered, could it be possible that Google is down?  Wow, I thought of the Russian hacker attack that lasted for 2 weeks in the White House–we DO have a CTO at the Federal level right, so errr…how could this happen? Ahem.  Anyway, I also remembered that Russian muscle-flexing cyber attack … Continue reading

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Stream of Consciousness to Ebola

Ever have one of those moments when a sensory perception takes you to a place where you haven’t been for a long time, or maybe even just once? I just poured a drink for myself…a concoction of lemon juice, ice tea and sparkling water.  Not unusual, but today, out of the blue, seeing the foam … Continue reading

Discover Magazine Delight:  “Yes!  Connecting Makes You Feel Better”
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Discover Magazine Delight: “Yes! Connecting Makes You Feel Better”

Within reason…please DO talk to strangers! My friends always tell me I’m such a connector.  Well, I basically enjoy people and am always ready to be fascinated by the kaleidoscope of humanity walking around.  Just imagine how many amazing stories are passing around us all day long? Well, so I was delighted to see this article … Continue reading

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Treasure’s Tips for Powerful Speaking Got a few minutes? What’s your mood? There’s always a gem to find among TED talks. You can discover a topic that’s practical, inspiring, educational or just plain fun. Can’t resist passing on today’s highlighted talk which offers tips for more powerful communication. From the practical physicality of what’s required to cultivate a convincing … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Vision for World Access to Information

Facebook’s Vision for World Access to Information I don’t know when this project was launched but just discovered it on another blog today.  It’s Mark Zuckerberg’s bold vision for facilitating access to information worldwide.  In the 1990’s I worked with a prescient inventor who sought to make radios available throughout the third world to enable … Continue reading