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Diving Deep: James Cameron’s 7 Mile Descent

Film Director extraordinaire James Cameron is one of the world’s most intensely curious inhabitants.  He has stretched the boundaries of film, imagination and now too science with his record shattering deep-sea dive 2 years ago, 7 miles into pitch darkness at the bottom of the ocean.  He is one of the newer uber-wealthy who happily for the … Continue reading

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Google Panic Attack

There will be a lot written about this….I wondered, could it be possible that Google is down?  Wow, I thought of the Russian hacker attack that lasted for 2 weeks in the White House–we DO have a CTO at the Federal level right, so errr…how could this happen? Ahem.  Anyway, I also remembered that Russian muscle-flexing cyber attack … Continue reading

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The Power of Mother Nature—As a Weapon of War?

We’re aware of dramatic decisions made by the government of China with regard to developing power resources, alternating courses of damming and flooding of thousands of villages in the Yangtze River Valley, at tremendous cost to livelihood and of course archaeological treasures.  However, this project was staged, strategically planned and populations were relocated.  This was a case of national development … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Vision for World Access to Information

Facebook’s Vision for World Access to Information I don’t know when this project was launched but just discovered it on another blog today.  It’s Mark Zuckerberg’s bold vision for facilitating access to information worldwide.  In the 1990’s I worked with a prescient inventor who sought to make radios available throughout the third world to enable … Continue reading

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NOVA Labs-Makers Workshop in Reston

NOVA Labs-Makers Workshop in Reston Reston is fully onboard with the new “Makers” movement sprouting throughout the country.  In fact recently our very own NOVA Markers Workshop participated in a “Faire” ..the French verb “to-make,” at the South Lakes High School, demonstrating the capabilities of a 3-D printer.  This week, I stopped in to visit and … Continue reading