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The Remarkable Big Picture Impact Behind 5-Hour Energy

Manoj on electricity generating bike (2)
Manoj Bhargava is a remarkable man.  He founded a crazy-scary product which millions of people use, retains lawyers who vigilantly protect his 90+% market share and targets his profits to pursue big ideas to benefit humanity.  Fortunately, he’s got decades to go–and presumably he uses his own product? He has abundant energy, requires less sleep and can innovate change across many dimensions of life.  This 45 minute snapshot offers a glimpse of his mission for innovation, inspiring energy and Make-It-Happen leadership.
Bhargava is the ideal philanthropist. But, he doesn’t build concert halls, museums or new wings of hospitals. His mission is…”to make a sizable difference to alleviate human suffering” He believes that “the more wealth you get, the bigger your duty becomes.”

He is targeting his abundant financial resources towards energy innovation, water, medical solutions and other challenges to sustain and advance life for everyone–rich and poor–on our planet.

He invests in creative  people and gives them whatever infrastructure they request to pursue really big ideas and find innovative solutions to uplift humanity.  This single individual with a small team will leave a legacy impact for the next century.
Bhargava’s company is privately-held so there are no publicly filed financials, but it’s estimated that he is devoting over 90% of his profits to make the world a better place.  He says:
                                           If it doesn’t make a difference, find something else to do.
Here’s more context from Forbes….
Born in Lucknow, India, Bhargava moved to the United States in 1967 at the age of 14.  Yes for immigration—As Pope Francis enjoined: provide people opportunities to flourish and benefit the country.
photo credit: USA Today

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