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New Exhibition Celebrates the WPA’s Legacy Promoting our National Parks” title=”New Exhibition Celebrates the WPA’s Legacy Promoting our National Parks”>New Exhibition Celebrates the WPA’s Legacy Promoting our National Parks The Department of Interior hosts all kinds of interesting events.  It’s worth monitoring their calendar.  Last month, I attended two documentaries there as part of the Environmental Film Festival.  One was another Ken Burns treasure titled: The … Continue reading

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Campaign Finance Unleashed: Welcome to the Oligarchy of the United States

Campaign Finance in Brief, Washington Post Campaign finance reform is just about extinct. It would take what? an act of Congress? to reverse the new status quo. There was animated talk about reversing Citizens United. Now the principle of open funding of politics is being enshrined as the American way. Humorist Andy Borowitz posted on … Continue reading

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NOVA Labs-Makers Workshop in Reston

NOVA Labs-Makers Workshop in Reston Reston is fully onboard with the new “Makers” movement sprouting throughout the country.  In fact recently our very own NOVA Markers Workshop participated in a “Faire” ..the French verb “to-make,” at the South Lakes High School, demonstrating the capabilities of a 3-D printer.  This week, I stopped in to visit and … Continue reading