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Ooh la la! 3 tons of flowers for 4 cups of oil…

 Whether for welcome camouflage in tight quarters, tantalizing droplets of seduction or a simple flight of reverie, perfume enchants us all. Today’s marvelous NYT story tells that tale and more–the article merits a few moments of reading/travel log daydreaming and sparked this writer’s curiosity. The French like to say they invented the concept of perfume in … Continue reading

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Airbnb Celebrates Victory in London with a Floating House!

Airbnb has entered the lexicon quite quickly….It’s one of those stories, almost hacknied these days, where innovators turned a relatively simple idea (knock on the head) into a business worth billions.  Now, when you book flights online, Uber to your Airbnb accommodation and eat at a restaurant you probably also read about and reserved online…..and use the latest app … Continue reading