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Diving Deep: James Cameron’s 7 Mile Descent

Film Director extraordinaire James Cameron is one of the world’s most intensely curious inhabitants.  He has stretched the boundaries of film, imagination and now too science with his record shattering deep-sea dive 2 years ago, 7 miles into pitch darkness at the bottom of the ocean.  He is one of the newer uber-wealthy who happily for the … Continue reading

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Arabian Sights Film Fest-Washington, DC

“Ghadi” Steals the Show at Washington, DC’s Arabian Sights Film Festival The Arabian Sights Film Festival concluded its 19th season in Washington, DC last weekend with a sold-out last screening and a reception sponsored by the Algerian embassy.  Festival goers bought 2,000 tickets to see 9 new films from Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia, … Continue reading

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Banksy Does New York

Banksy in New York from Artnet Seeing this story of Banksy’s latest art dialog with the people of New York City, reminded me of this cynically hilarious but little known film called “Exit Through the Gift Shop” which documents a French amateur film maker’s story of filming all about Banksy.  Called Mr. Brainwash, the director follows on … Continue reading

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Even The Emirates’ Desert Can’t Escape Google’s Camera

Now you can be an armchair desert tourist, thanks to Google’s having mounted a camera on a camel to document some areas of what has always been known as the Liwa, an Oasis, in one of the desert areas in the United Arab Emirates. Liwa is located in the northern edge of the magnificent Rub al Khali … Continue reading

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The Other Scrap Metal Story: Chinese Container Ships Absorb America’s Crumbling Infrastructure

Scrapper Episode on HBO’s VICE We’re familiar with the comfy concept of recycling where we take our different containers to the curb and they’re neatly picked up and some of us have even seen where the parts end up and yes—some of us even know about the revolving cardboard which comes into our homes from Amazon or … Continue reading

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John Lopez: The Ultimate Recycler Evokes the Old West in Gorgeous Art from Scrap Metal

Scrap Turned to Art OK, now I ask you….how does the genius of this man’s talent, turning carefully selected bits of scrap into iconic western art compare to the all-too-typical “Untitled #3” pieces one can see in every museum of modern art?  Thanks to John Lopez for his marvelous creations. I was just thinking how fascinating it would … Continue reading

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New Exhibition Celebrates the WPA’s Legacy Promoting our National Parks” title=”New Exhibition Celebrates the WPA’s Legacy Promoting our National Parks”>New Exhibition Celebrates the WPA’s Legacy Promoting our National Parks The Department of Interior hosts all kinds of interesting events.  It’s worth monitoring their calendar.  Last month, I attended two documentaries there as part of the Environmental Film Festival.  One was another Ken Burns treasure titled: The … Continue reading