This is Not a Model. It is Real from Svalbard, Norway.
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This is Not a Model. It is Real from Svalbard, Norway.

This footage,  (seen at minute 3.2) from a location near the North Pole has been seen by only 45,000 people on YouTube. It’s already 4 years old. It’s as dramatic as one might find, showing rivers of water pouring out of ice shelves in Svalbard, the northernmost inhabited place in the world. Svalbard is an … Continue reading

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Book Review: One Nation Under Gods, A New American History by Peter Manseau

I published this book review for a weekly newspaper out of London and Dubai.  This book features thoroughly documented history, but it’s a page turner.  For anyone receptive to breaking the mold on what most of us have been taught about Columbus and his voyage, this book makes for fascinating reading.  Definitely on my all-time favorites list, and for a … Continue reading