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Sustainable Refreshment

Given the feeling of helpless hopelessness as we watch what’s unraveling in Washington these days–with special dismay for what’s coming at the EPA– it is uplifting to read about innovative projects which mitigate pollution while also looking gorgeous.

So, first we had green roofs and still they’re a long way from being “common”.  In Portland, I saw this remarkable roof full of pansies!  Then, you may have heard of the emerging trend to build skyscraper food gardens in big cities…love it but still a gleam in the eye with the beginnings of interest. Now, there are skyscrapers specifically green-stocked for air filtration. Yes, green skyscrapers.  The first was built by Italian architect Stefano Boeri in Milan.  Now, his firm Boeri Verticale is building the first such skyscraper in China. (I’ve linked Wikipedia instead of the Huff Post w/ads)… What a marvelous evolution of a sustainability product! Take a deep breath for us all and enjoy…





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