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Walking on Water in Italy

Here’s one Christo project–this time in Italy– that I can say is intriguing, playful and engagingly surreal–more of an achievement worthy of the always-substantial investment by his wealthy patrons.   Walking on water…installed in 2016 is again in the saffron color he favored for the Gates installation. The experience of walking out over the lake must have created a strange sense of false equilibrium gliding delicately across 220,000 floating poly-ethylene cubes.

In 2005, he chose the color saffron, installing “The Gates” –a mystical project of bright fabric flags in Central Park which created a magical space even prompting strangers to talk with one another. The contrast of warmth fluttering from the “gates” structures against the wintry snow was particularly striking.

On the other hand, wrapping a river area or the Reichstag in ivory fabric as “an installation” strays beyond my capacity for appreciating the esoteric.

Photo Credit: The New York Times, Stefano Rellandini/Reuters


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