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A Most Welcome Surprise from Iran

Tehran MuseumGiven the horrific developments in the Middle East these days, I was delighted when a friend forwarded me this article about the treasured modern art collection in the remarkable Museum of Contemporary Art in Iran….

The Hirshhorn’s director, Melissa Chiu described the collection as “ one of the great unseen collections of postwar European and American art in the world,” she says. “We haven’t seen these works in 40 years.”

Read the article to discover great tidbits of art intrigue!

Once upon a time….it all started with the Empress…

Curator Firouz Shabazi Moghadam, who graduated only from High School, rose from a humble job as a vendor to the museum to its “keeper” curator-hero. He is self-taught and most of all, venerated the art work and protected the vault even at risk of his life. With a tear in his eye, he referred to himself as “a lion” protecting “this vault and this museum” from dangerous inquirers.

Again, it’s worth safeguarding a broader perspective on all cultures.

photo credit: Ali Kaveh


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