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Scientism vs. Objectivism–a thought provoking Opinion Piece

Recommended reading….It was interesting to experience in the mind’s eye the writers’ reminiscences about how he began studying philosophy and the contributions of his favorite professor.  What I liked about the piece is how, even without knowledge of the field, one could begin to grasp how foundational the concept of philosophy can be as applied to our worldview and interpretation of events/observations in daily life.  Relating the opposing terms Scientism vs. Objectivism to the current debate about climate change was a useful illustration, especially when those who take issue with Scientism have “an allergic response” manifested in refuting scientific evidence by ascribing the symptoms of global warming to other causes and finding higher authorities to be responsible for some of the more basic Scientism interpretations of evolution for example.  He concedes that there can therefore be no “theory of everything” which is a much bandied around concept lately.  There’s a lot to digest here but, given my limited understanding of the subject, I thought I’d just note this post for those curious about philosophy.


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