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Panera Outdoes Itself in Customer Service

OK, yes I AM reading all about the Greek Bailout (hoorah for the gutsy, proud “NO” referendum response), but in the meantime, I recently took care of this mundane “to-do” item which was one of those “some day I’ll get around to it” fixes.  As a fairly frequent Panera coffee customer, I somehow had created 2 loyalty accounts, so every time I checked out, they’d ask which one and I’d offer my phone number out loud which isn’t ideal. Turns out Panera has online “Chat” support. Within moments, Ashley sorted it out and said she ‘d issue a new card.  A mere couple of days later, an un-corporate looking small envelope came in the mail; I thought it was from a friend who lives in MO.  Inside was a Panera notecard bearing a handwritten note from Ashley, enclosing my new card and key chain loyalty “thingy.”  So, kudos to Panera…well done. They’re taking the lead to eliminate artificial ingredients. Next, they need to focus on recycling across all their facilities, not just a few.20150706_151712[1]


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