Diving / neurology / north sea / norway / oil exploration

The Men Who Lost Their Minds to Make Norway the 6th Richest Country on the Planet

north sea rig from The Times UKBesides Nordic mysteries, Netflix offers a 2013 Norwegian film called “Pioneer” which follows one fiercely tough, Norwegian diver who discovers the true stakes involved in the experimental deep dives he’s been training for.  While the portrait painted of the Norwegian government and their alliance with nefarious American energy interests is gritty, sinister and full of evil webs, the end notes state that their parliament approved the film.  Be prepared for some rough scenes, intrigue and a twist, as pioneering divers brave the depths at the forefront of the North Sea oil exploration that was to make Norway the 6th richest country on the planet.  As a coda, it’s interesting to explore the results of subsequent litigation.

photo credit: The Times, UK


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