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Transparency for Doctors

Transparency for the medical profession–much needed!

We’re seeing more discussion about the role of doctors, their more-often-than-not inadequate relationships with patients, the lack of listening skills, ease of prescriptive action–whether unnecessary or inappropriate testing, drugs or even surgery.  At worst, the care is inept or the doctor has incentives to follow a regimen which is not ideal for that patient.  This leads us all to be somewhat cynical or even dismissive of standard medicine, until we’re desperate.  At that point, we become scared of being victims of our own doctors!  One hears so many stories of appointments that led to inadequate or incorrect results.

So much of “the art” of medicine has been lost and, to make matters worse, many doctors have incentives–either as a result of the consequences of poor medicare payment regulations or drug/equipment company influence–to not seriously ponder the exact care that is best for that patient.  There’s much more I’d like to write on this subject, but for now will leave dear readers with this important Ted Talk.


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