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As If We Weren’t Already Vigilant About Physicians’ Advice…Scary

This Op Ed from the NYT shines some light on direct industry incentives which will test doctors’ ethics when they prefer to prescribe drugs other than recommended and/or refer to doctors outside their “system.”  Oh, to be born in Norway where relatives will be picked up from anywhere in the world if they’re sick, where they’re cared for cradle to grave.  I wonder what life must be like for people who don’t have to live in fear of medical bankruptcy or medical care driven by financials?  No wonder the Nordics routinely score high on global happiness studies (except that the Finns have a high suicide rate–all that darkness, they say.)  Well, let me not ramble but there’s a lot to be profoundly concerned about in this country’s medical industrial complex.  Oh, and I highly recommend Clifton Leaf’s book: Truth in Small Doses.  Surely, cures for major diseases like cancer and diabetes and/focus on wellness will reduce revenues.  Beyond that, medical billing which is highest during the last years of life will be dramatically reduced with more and more people like Brittany Maynard demanding dignified choices.


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