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Twisted Progress: Announcing the New “Frequent Checkpoint Card”

Erez crossing point

This just in:  Israel will issue 250 biometric cards to business people and merchants for people crossing the Erez Checkpoint between Gaza and Israel. The cards allow expedited security screening at Israeli-controlled crossings.

Found this other artful photo of a better-than-typical checkpoint pedestrian walkway.  Sharing here while most are far different by an order of magnitude.


cool pic checkpoint

There is guarded to “pessimistic” optimism(?!) that in his last two years, and with his legacy in mind, President Obama may use the full measure of his authority to re-boot the peace process toward a measurable, genuine result.  Full countermeasures are likely already in motion and Congress can be relied upon to raise obstacles and howling protests every step of the way.  Democrats will be wary too, as they plan for 2016.  This should be very interesting!


photo credit: calmintheholyland blog and Harriet for The  Guardian newspaper


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