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Ralph Lauren Stands by its Brand

As a fan of Masterpiece Theater, I regularly see the Ralph Lauren story-telling ads about the ethos of his design.  I’ve enjoyed some Ralph Lauren casual wear and not too long ago found a set of high thread count sheets in a beautiful celadon green and bought them.

I was surprised to see that they were made in Bahrain and required only cold water washing.  Nevertheless, they were invitingly soft with a luxurious sheen and I enjoyed them.  That is until one day when I was making the bed and the fitted sheet ripped right down the middle–shredded as if it were an heirloom from my grandmother’s linen closet.

I was annoyed but busy so consigned the sheet to the “to do” pile in my laundry room.  Finally one day, I looked up Ralph Lauren online, connected by email with customer service and the agent offered no guarantees but suggested I send in the sheet for inspection.  I felt partly self righteous and partly silly paying $7 to send back the ripped sheet.

Until today, when I received in the mail a priority envelope from High Point, North Carolina; it shook with a clicketty-clack sound.  I said to my husband, “hmmm, I haven’t ordered anything.”  Well, I opened the envelope and lo and behold there was an elegant navy blue box labeled Ralph Lauren with a ribbon around it and a classy, very generous gift certificate.  I am incredibly impressed at how Ralph Lauren stands behind its brand.  So they deserve a bit of Kudos in this blog post.

Bravo for great consumer response!Ralph Lauren 2



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