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Google Panic Attack

The ScreamThere will be a lot written about this….I wondered, could it be possible that Google is down?  Wow, I thought of the Russian hacker attack that lasted for 2 weeks in the White House–we DO have a CTO at the Federal level right, so errr…how could this happen? Ahem.  Anyway, I also remembered that Russian muscle-flexing cyber attack which paralyzed Tallinn, the capital of Estonia several years ago.   Finally, I asked my husband, is it actually possible that Google could be down?  It seemed inconceivable!  Usually, the mistake lies in the human interface, particularly yours truly.  Then, I thought of Halloween but even for creative Google, that would be a prank too far.

With Yahoo mail– a source of incredible frustration– the outages have become a real nuisance but no longer surprise me.  Google however is another animal altogether.

Well, turns out it was a glitch but it sure had probably millions of people panicked. The inaccessibility experience was quite amazing.  The sudden lack of Google’s ubiquitous presence created more than just a psychological vulnerability to consider how dependent we’ve become. It’s our “go-to” throughout the day… the oxygen to our every meandering thought, rush fact check or curiosity, let alone the various embedded applications or Gmail. (I’m writing an article for a Tunisian publisher who uses Gmail.) We take it for granted.  It’s entered our lexicon.  It’s part of daily life.  Sorry Bing, you’re nowhere close to my consciousness.

I look forward to reading the inevitable headlines/articles on this event.  What a complex motion of their pictogram today–a nice reward.  Enjoy!



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