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Discover Magazine Delight: “Yes! Connecting Makes You Feel Better”

Within reason…please DO talk to strangers!

My friends always tell me I’m such a connector.  Well, I basically enjoy people and am always ready to be fascinated by the kaleidoscope of humanity walking around.  Just imagine how many amazing stories are passing around us all day long?

Well, so I was delighted to see this article in Discover about how connecting can even make you feel more productive…besides the fact that it makes life so much more interesting. Best yet, there are so many ways to help people meet one another and collaborate.

It sure beats staring endlessly at a screen or being annoyed waiting on a line.  As I’ve always said, there’s always someone new to meet and something interesting to learn about.


Couldn’t resist adding this very artistic photo of the DC subwayDC Subway


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