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The Yanomami tribe (Brazil & Venezuela) Face New Risks of Government-Issued Resource Exploitation Permits

This is a remarkable photo essay and description of one of the rare indigenous Amazon tribes.

Thanks to the Washington Post for its coverage this Sunday of the humanitarian/scientific work by husband and wife team Sebastião Salgado and Leila Wanick Salgado.

The scenery captured in Salgado’s photos is breathtaking….remember that Director James Cameron went to the Amazon for inspiration to produce the film Avatar.  His fiction is not far from fact in the isolation of this people and the imminent risk they face from industrial “colonizers.”

Sebastião Salgado is a social documentary photographer and environmental activist. He and his wife, Leila Wanick Salgado, co-founded the Instituto Terra, an environmental center in Brazil dedicated to teaching about and re-seeding the Amazon Forest where their efforts have replanted more than 2 million trees.


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