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John Lopez: The Ultimate Recycler Evokes the Old West in Gorgeous Art from Scrap Metal

Scrap Turned to Art

OK, now I ask you….how does the genius of this man’s talent, turning carefully selected bits of scrap into iconic western art compare to the all-too-typical “Untitled #3” pieces one can see in every museum of modern art?  Thanks to John Lopez for his marvelous creations. I was just thinking how fascinating it would be to see a video documenting his creative process and sure enough, his comprehensive website even features videos!  ENJOY.

If a hip hop star can spend $1 million dollars for an art installation consisting of cigarette butts piled in a corner on the floor,—I kid you not since I saw it myself at Art Basel Miami some years ago–then what does “the Art World” know anyway?  It’s all relative to what people construe value to be, based on who is spending which drives the market up or down. With a lot of ahem nouveau riche, the art market has become so pricey that even dealers have trouble explaining the stratospheric prices being paid for what might be called classical art versus contemporary or “edgy” genres.  So, you too can spend millions on a shark floating in a tank by Damien Hirst—yes, every museum wants one–why, who knows?

Now, I’m thinking of the marvelous indy film called “Exit Through the Gift Shop” a Banksy Film, which tells the story of quirky Thierry Guetta, a French immigrant in LA who becomes obsessed with street art and thinks to himself: what the heck? I can do this!  Well, the art world being what it is, he employed ample marketing hype, created a portfolio of trash imitation street art and generated such a buzz around his exhibition that people were lined up to get in and he made millions!  On nothing!  It was almost executed as a joke–except that he extracted real dollars having “made a market” for his “art.”  Gives one pause….  Definitely recommend the film.



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