Communications / Language / Professional Skills

Treasure’s Tips for Powerful Speaking

Got a few minutes? What’s your mood? There’s always a gem to find among TED talks. You can discover a topic that’s practical, inspiring, educational or just plain fun. Can’t resist passing on today’s highlighted talk which offers tips for more powerful communication. From the practical physicality of what’s required to cultivate a convincing voice, to the philosophy behind what you say, Treasure’s talk is good stuff.

The Golden Rule(s) will come to mind. Applied to speech they’re more than kind.

Beyond his “don’ts”…I liked his “do’s” made memorable by HAIL! the enthusiastic acronym grounded in 4 foundational attributes.

Honesty: Be clear & straight

Authenticity: Be yourself

Integrity: Be your word

Love: Wish people well

With the guiding HAIL themes in mind and his practical voice training tips, Treasure’s talk gets you thinking….and speaking more consciously for better listening results.


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