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Facebook’s Vision for World Access to Information

Facebook’s Vision for World Access to Information

I don’t know when this project was launched but just discovered it on another blog today.  It’s Mark Zuckerberg’s bold vision for facilitating access to information worldwide.  In the 1990’s I worked with a prescient inventor who sought to make radios available throughout the third world to enable people to access basic meteorological, agricultural pricing and news information via global satellite radio; financing was problematic and progress elusive.  Now, of course, the opportunity for information to reach every crevice of the planet is still a stretch but far closer.  Satellite phones mostly work but for the rare few.  To have a service and receivers that provide both ubiquitous and affordable access is a grand vision.  If anyone can lead that effort, someone like Mark Zuckerberg will, with the brainpower, corporate titans and available wealth to bring it closer to reality.  So, you’ll be impressed by the expansive vision–which these days does not sound “outlandish!”


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