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Watch the Market Value of Watercress!

Watch the Market Value of Watercress!

One of my strongest childhood memories is picking Watercress in Rock Creek near my nursery school.  I also remember reading Blueberries for Sal lying on our little nap rugs….Looks like we got off to a good start on the fruits & vegetables focus.

Now here comes Watercress–a grand resurgence!  It’s actually one of the oldest vegetables we humans have consistently consumed–though not so popularized in current diets.  Soon we’ll be seeing watercress drinks, watercress sorbet–who knows?  Maybe, the market for watercress will balloon a big as for pomegranates and cranberries which until a few years ago, were certainly not top of mind fruits.

Yes, according to new government reports, Nasturtium officinale is now listed as the new super-food!

Wikipedia indicates:  Watercress belongs to the family Brassicaceae, botanically related to garden cress, mustard and radish — all noteworthy for their peppery, tangy, zesty, piquant flavor.


Here’s another link with more background on Watercress being named “a super-food”



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