Curiosities / Science

A Young Woman Falls in Love with Physics

Thanks to my sister for posting this short video on Facebook. Grappling with the concepts of universality and randomness has occupied minds for centuries. This young scientist is fascinated by those characteristics of Physics that are so exact and understandable and yet others so inexplicable–as of yet. The Golden Ratio which she shows only in passing defies randomness; it’s been a source of fascination across the millennia from mathematicians to physicists and artists… In 2010, a team of European quantum physicists discovered it for the first time ever as nanoscale symmetry hidden in solid state matter. I can’t even begin to describe or comprehend that but what I share in my own humbleness with this creative physicist Xiangjun Shi is a fascination for how things are/aren’t and the pondering and process across the ages of trying to figure it all out.


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