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Bottling the Sun….Better U.S. funding could have put us at the forefront of this stunning research. ….

Thanks to The New Yorker and author Raffi Khatchadourian, for this fascinating read about a mind-boggling international effort to harness the energy of the sun.  IF the scientists’ theory can be realized, this Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor could generate an inexhaustible power supply which would render today’s fuel sources irrelevant and change the world.  This is scientific dreaming in action–truly both wondrous and terrifying, to stretch the limits of human capacity– without which, we could not progress.  Besides its raison d’etre, this multinational venture, nestled discretely in the Alpine forest of France, with an Italian at the helm, is also a study-worthy example of the challenges of collaborative trans-national leadership and financing toward the collective good.


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