Ayn Rand interviewed by Mike Wallace

I discovered this remarkable 1960’s interview during the last presidential campaign when then-Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan pronounced his Rand-inspired philosophy on the contract underpinning American society and in particular the concept of socio-economic opportunity within the capitalist system. These veiled Rand references have occurred in various forms on many occasions–though he has since tried to distance himself a bit– but most starkly during his acceptance speech in Norfolk, VA when he was formally introduced by Mitt Romney. At the time, I also discovered Ayn Rand’s dystopian novella called “Anthem,” which puts a crisp point on much of today’s political rhetoric.

Dear departed Mike Wallace was ever his badger self, not letting Rand off the hook, as he persisted with getting to the bottom line of his questions. You’ll also appreciate the “ancient” show set and broadcast method as well as his smoking during the program!


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