Welcome to Curated Eclectica

This is the day when intention finally moves into the realm of reality.  After years of procrastination and resistance, I am actually, finally, starting my blog!   I chose the name Curated Eclectica because it evokes the broad span of any and all that I find interesting and I look forward eagerly to sharing with you reader.

The Gray Lady, most known as The New York Times,  often delights as well as informs.  Today for example, we learn of a notable heist.  No, ’twas not copper or cash.  Rather, the disappeared was that favorite liquid gold of an imperiled “crop” we fondly know as maple syrup.  Yes, indeed, as if it were a rare bourbon, more than 10 million pounds ($30M dollars worth) of maple syrup was stolen from a warehouse in the town of St.-Louis-de-Blanford Quebec, where a routine inventory revealed the empty barrels to shocked inspectors.

Here in the U.S. as well as in Canada, production is down so the “commodity” price is sky-rocketing as I’m sure you’ve noticed on those Sunday morning grocery store runs when you’ve got to have syrup for those pancakes! Confirming a now clear trend, this year’s American syrup harvest will be lower than ever, due to the preponderance of warm days and nights. Thinking about recent news of a massive lobster haul this season, one wonders what lobsters, maple syrup and glaciers have in common…..here I post an interesting article:  http://www.seacoastonline.com/articles/20120805-OPINION-208050304


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